nix: faith
irl: tom
age: 32
sex: m

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who i am

29 yo graduate student in philosophy, currently located in Tampa, FL.

what i do

read, write, drink.

favorite books

Karl Marx, Capital Vol. 1

Robert Brandom, Making it Explicit

Ludwig Wittgenstein, "Philosophical Investigations"

G. F. W. Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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01/13/2010: Later, y'all!


10/14/2008: Some Random Thoughts


07/27/2008: Leaving Here


05/31/2008: Religion and Politics: Riffing on a Van Sustren quote
05/09/2008: "God I Love to Turn my Little Blue World Upside Down"


04/28/2008: Bi-monthly Summary


02/21/2008: Working


12/28/2007: I'm going to die alone
12/21/2007: email frenzy


11/29/2007: Update
11/29/2007: Job hunt


08/27/2007: Do What I Say--Not What I Do.
08/08/2007: Try some Comedy with your Ideology
08/07/2007: Democratic Forum in Chicago
08/06/2007: Try some Comedy with your Ideology


07/23/2007: Reflections on the Democratic Debate
07/22/2007: Not My Generation
07/21/2007: Car Trouble
07/14/2007: Procrastination Tip #79
07/07/2007: Crazied out


06/30/2007: Social Breakdown
06/15/2007: New Music for Summer
06/01/2007: Tropical Depression


05/05/2007: Republican Debate *sigh*


04/27/2007: N.eeds and Wants
04/22/2007: Revisiting Gun Control
04/12/2007: "True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."
04/07/2007: My "You wouldn't know talent if it bit you in the face" List
04/01/2007: Ripping my hair out in large clumps


03/28/2007: 'United' against me getting a job
03/15/2007: My bracket's already screwed up 2007
03/09/2007: Validation
03/07/2007: "I am the simulacrum of myself"


02/16/2007: On the mend


01/30/2007: Cold
01/23/2007: Another year, and further progress towards my goals


12/30/2006: My Bowl Picks


11/27/2006: Flubberblubberbartalomoton


10/15/2006: Sorry! Blame the asshole.
10/07/2006: New Rules


09/28/2006: Earnin' my keep
09/20/2006: Not a fan
09/20/2006: Keeping up is hard to do
09/15/2006: N.
09/06/2006: Is pop culture any less a cult than scientology?
09/02/2006: And on the seventh day, He rested


08/31/2006: On "Life" and "Work"
08/29/2006: Back to the Grind
08/26/2006: As the World Burns
08/16/2006: Some site changes
08/16/2006: Sweet nothing
08/12/2006: From Marx to Wittgenstein?
08/07/2006: The light at the end of the tunnel-vision
08/04/2006: Short update
08/02/2006: car update
08/01/2006: Just when things are looking up


07/24/2006: The Hermeneutics of Cardboard
07/15/2006: Reclaiming myself from that which was not my own
07/05/2006: Second thoughts no more
07/02/2006: Rain down upon my soul


06/30/2006: Huh?
06/29/2006: A weekend off
06/26/2006: Just me and Jack Daniels
06/21/2006: 37b
06/16/2006: Education Reform by the Uneducated
06/12/2006: Alberto, eh?
06/08/2006: Slept-Late Blues in G# minor
06/02/2006: This incessant business


05/29/2006: Some thoughts on writing
05/24/2006: 10 Albums
05/23/2006: Your Misanthropy is Showing
05/21/2006: An Empty Bed Weekend
05/18/2006: My To-Do List
05/15/2006: What I am doing on my summer vacation
05/11/2006: They Get You Coming and Going
05/08/2006: On Endings, and New Beginnings
05/05/2006: As the Phoenix
05/03/2006: On that which could not be--and that which may never be
05/01/2006: Ah, sweet rejection: my old friend!
05/01/2006: Happy May Day


04/30/2006: Draft Drama
04/28/2006: UCE
04/27/2006: Calm before the Storm
04/17/2006: Last few weeks
04/16/2006: Southern Exposure
04/15/2006: Muffins, all over again
04/14/2006: Baby Hate
04/12/2006: Hardcore still lives
04/10/2006: Got your ticket?
04/09/2006: The cold, icy stare of the 3-0
04/08/2006: Beauty Supply Heaven
04/07/2006: The False Prison
04/05/2006: Fragments
04/04/2006: Tom Delay resigns


03/29/2006: Who do you blame when your backward policies fail?
03/28/2006: Her Highness Speaketh
03/27/2006: Another day in the life of a guy who just can't catch a break
03/26/2006: Madness, indeed: Part II
03/25/2006: Writing today
03/24/2006: Bullet sandwich
03/23/2006: I had the dream again
03/21/2006: Hell is other people
03/20/2006: Madness, indeed
03/17/2006: My task
03/16/2006: It won't be tomorrow; it won't be next week, but . . .
03/15/2006: Quality time with Bertrand Russell
03/15/2006: My problem: Respect isn't a Turn-on
03/15/2006: Précis
03/14/2006: My own personal sountrack
03/13/2006: In Defense of the Academians [sic]
03/12/2006: King for a Day
03/09/2006: Thoughts while waking up
03/08/2006: Ethics? Huh?
03/07/2006: Me? Happy? Surely you jest!
03/06/2006: Serendipity
03/05/2006: Three little words
03/04/2006: a few good days [edited]


02/28/2006: ugh
02/27/2006: The Commodity Fetish
02/27/2006: Bummer
02/26/2006: Gotta love my job
02/26/2006: first date
02/22/2006: Mmmmm . . . nyhc!
02/19/2006: cable worries
02/18/2006: Procrastination
02/17/2006: Pleasant thoughts
02/17/2006: Dont shoot quail; shoot Quayle!
02/16/2006: Long week
02/15/2006: New Toy
02/14/2006: Happy fucking valentines day
02/11/2006: 'Love' is a four letter word
02/10/2006: Putting the "funct" back in dysfunctional
02/09/2006: Enough is Enough, indeed.
02/07/2006: Unloved
02/04/2006: (1/7): "The check's in the mail." (2/4): "Yu'll [sic] get the money, I promise."
02/03/2006: Storm's a-comin'
02/01/2006: Marriage, sort of.


01/31/2006: State of the Union
01/31/2006: The Honorable (?) Mr. Alito
01/30/2006: Caveats
01/28/2006: ~(p & ~p)
01/28/2006: Lies and deception
01/26/2006: Self-imposed isolation (sort of)
01/24/2006: Moving forward
01/22/2006: What's been happening?
01/16/2006: What's my damage? (as if it's not obvious)
01/15/2006: *sigh* Done
01/12/2006: Alito Hearings
01/11/2006: "Apology"
01/06/2006: A-thena: A Readers Guide
01/03/2006: Merry fucking Christmas


12/01/2005: Got the time?


11/01/2005: On my Absence


09/01/2005: Katrina


07/29/2005: Everyone's Favorite GameCrazy or Candidate
07/20/2005: Supreme Rhetoric
07/20/2005: Bush and the Courts
07/17/2005: Harry Potter and the Dumbing Down of America, Part II
07/15/2005: Guilty Nerd Pleasures
07/13/2005: O'Reilly and the Rhetoric of Anti-Americanism
07/11/2005: Harry Potter and the Dumbing Down of America
07/10/2005: Rove Proven both a Liar and a Criminal


06/29/2005: Tired, but Steady . . .
06/16/2005: Conservatives Hate Books
06/11/2005: Topical Storm Arlene


05/15/2005: Police brutality
05/08/2005: Academic Life


04/20/2005: Who votes for these people?
04/16/2005: So, who is representing me?
04/07/2005: Words and Actions
04/02/2005: On the Eve of Wojtyla


03/31/2005: Florida, uber alles
03/09/2005: Congress and the System


02/10/2005: a-thena


01/29/2005: Not with a bang, but a whimper
01/04/2005: How are you mourning the next four years?


12/18/2004: Jingle Hell . . . Jingle all the way!
12/15/2004: Be Festive
12/12/2004: Howard Dean
12/11/2004: Errata
12/10/2004: Friday Night with Derrida
12/06/2004: Finals week
12/02/2004: 'Tis the season to be political


11/30/2004: Finally
11/25/2004: Happy Turkey-Consuming-Ritual-Thing
11/23/2004: Counting the seconds until the end
11/16/2004: Writing on the Literary Theory
11/15/2004: Long week
11/12/2004: To the Other 6 Billion
11/12/2004: Arafat, Bush and Radicalism and the Middle East
11/11/2004: New Look and Feel
11/04/2004: A Brief History of this Site.

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